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How It Works:

You'll get instant access to the online course on the next page where you can:

- Download the Quarter Inch Program (you can do workout one immediately) 

- Watch the course videos on how to eat, and how to do the BFR training that's included in the course

- As soon as we have your order, we'll ship your bands. This is how long it will take to get them:

Domestic shipping (United States): 2-3 days
International Shipping: 7-14 days

- If you want to add the measuring tape to your order we will send it with your bands

- If you don't put a quarter inch on your arms and want a refund, simply email us after you're done with the program :)

If you want to measure your progress towards a Quarter Inch we will ship this measuring tape with your bands!

Add to Order for $9.00: You'll track your progress over the next 60 days and this tape makes it easy to get accurate arm measurements to the millimeter with your one free hand. Simply click the button and we will ship it out with your bands so you can take your before and after measurements accurately.

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